A Spiritual Selling Course

How to Sell more without Selling Out

Exclusive Offer for Blueprint Students!

What if selling felt natural +fun?

It can! Selling from your spirit is far simpler

+ more aligned than you might imagine.

Divine Selling will teach you a radically intuitive way to simplify your selling. Divine Selling offers you a radically intuitive way to simplify your selling. This 4-video course walks you through the mindset, strategy, and actions to take to sell intuitively. The goal of this course is to help you sell more, serve more, and more more money.

Here's What Will Be Covered

Your Spiritual Business Blueprint

A 3-Step Process Based on your unique Intuitive Success Profile with Spirit Leader Design(™)

Unique Selling Proposition

What's truly unique about your work? How can you leverage this to sell more?

Know, Like, Trust

In Selling

You may have experienced this framework through content creation, but prepare to have your sales process revolutionized when you apply this to your business.

Intuitive Discovery Calls

My clients watch this video on repeat! If you do discovery calls in your business, this will change your experience forever. This simple approach will up your confidence and your results.

Selling Mindset

Let's get your head right when it comes to selling. The main reason selling feels hard is mindset-let's change that!

I never want to hear the word "salesy" ever again!

If you don't sell in business, you're building an expensive hobby. Selling is ultimately about having conversations about your product, service, or offer with people who genuinely need it. Those conversations happen over social media, in DM's, by email, on the phone, on video calls, in person, and many other ways. At heart, those sales conversation are about what your business is, ultimately, about: Service. 

My name is Jasmine Ivy, “retired” Silicon Valley marketing executive. I’ve been building businesses, marketing,
and selling for nearly 20 years. What I can tell you is that women are poised to step into the next generation of successful business leadership. We are designed for it. But to do that we have to ask for more and expect it. Selling
is part of your success in business, and it can be a beautiful, generous, intuitive act.

Let me show you how to do Divine Selling.

Regularly $797. Today only, get Divine Selling for $300!!!

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for: 

  • Online Coaches
  • Course Creators
  • Service Providers
    • Small Business Owners
    • Influencers
    • Network Marketers


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How is Divine Selling delivered?


    Divine Selling will show up in your course dashboard.


    When does divine selling start? Is it live?


    You will get immediate access to all 4 modules after purchase. All modules are pre-recorded for you to go through at your own pace.


    How much time will it take me to complete this course?


    There are approximately 2 hours of video-based content. However, you should allow yourself about 1 hour per lesson to integrate, journal, & complete homework. So, I would allot about 6 total hours for this course


    If I don't do discovery calls, will this course still be helpful?


    Yes! This course delves into several aspect of selling that can help may types of business. One video lesson is devoted to discovery calls.


    If I want to purchase this at another time, can I?


    Yes! Divine Selling is regularly $797 and may be purchased anytime.


    Is Divine Selling based on Spirit Leader Design?


    No. It is an intuitive selling course that applies to all three types.