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Last updated on January 19, 2022

Happy 2022! 

Despite the upheaval we’ve all experienced over the last two years, I still love a new year. That fresh slate feeling is very satisfying to me.

This year, we have a lot of things to look forward to in the world of Women of Woo, but before I get into that I want to share a quick history of Women of Woo

A Quick(ish) History of Women of Woo

Women of Woo was officially founded as the name of a mastermind in the dead-heat of a Midwest summer in July of 2017. By that point, I’d been operating my business for more than a year under my name brand, Jasmine Ivy.

The Women of Woo mastermind was born of need. At the time, most masterminds available in the online space tended to be pretty heavy on testosterone and goal-oriented to the point that it created competition among its members.

I sat in a stuffy little coworking space that day in July and spoke the words “Women of Woo” aloud for the first time to my then-coach, Kamila. I felt a tingle of awareness. It FELT like something big.

That afternoon, I met up with my husband and told him that I felt like Women of Woo could be big. I had no idea how right I was.

That fall, the first mastermind filled beyond my wildest dreams and what we now lovingly refer to as “WoW” truly stepped into its own. That first round was made up of coaches, nutrition experts, fashion retailers, copywriters, healers, hypnotherapists, doctors, network marketers, and more. We had women from all over the United States, Canada, France, Guam, and England – just in that first round alone! It blew my mind in the best way.

Women sitting

A few months later in January of 2018, we had our first Women of Woo mastermind retreat in West Hollywood. I was literally SHAKING in the moments before the ladies began to arrive.

From that point forward, we had a group in the mastermind running continuously – aside from my 3 month maternity leave in late 2018. After I returned from maternity leave, I made some changes to the mastermind, the biggest of which was adding office hours. That one addition meant that I would have the opportunity to personally connect with every mastermind member every single month – and it was a game changer for my clients. It created consistency and a way to really move things forward month over month. Don’t ever be afraid to make changes – even to a popular offer. Trust yourself!

From the start, we had retreats twice a year. The first in Hollywood, but then came Denver, Orlando, Sedona, and then… the pandemic hit and things went entirely virtual. We actually had to cancel our Nashville retreat just a few weeks before it was happening, and gosh, how I struggled with that decision.

Our retreats are such a treasure for all of us. We don’t just get hotel rooms and connect in gray-walled conference rooms. I rent gigantic homes in beautiful locations.

We sit hip to hip on sofas or soak in the hot tub together. We meditate, journal, strategize, laugh, and adventure together on these retreats. It’s life changing.

And it was terrifying to take WoW entirely virtual. I worried if the members would be able to create the same type of bond that they had formed at retreats. I wondered if we could maintain our “sisterhood” culture.

As it turns out, I worried for nothing. Now, we are several groups into this pandemic, and they have been incredible. That sisterhood is not only still there, but seems just as strong. And while we haven’t yet been able to gather, everyone is very excited for when we do. In response to the pandemic, we instituted a temporary “retreat credit” program that lets members accrue credits for future retreats. I think we have some packed retreats coming in our future!!!

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more $10,000 months than I could possibly count. But we’ve also seen $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, and $50,000 months. We’ve celebrated members’ first ever clients and their first six figure years. We recently celebrated a client’s first multi-six-figure year.

A Spiritual Business Mastermind - Women of Woo

Unlike many (if not most) masterminds, our members renew. Not just one time, but twice, three, four, five, six, and even seven times. Yes, really. This beautiful mastermind that we’ve built and grown together grows with you, from first clients to first six-figure-year and beyond.

Don’t ever be afraid to make changes – even to a popular offer. Trust yourself! 

While you never know what will happen when you first launch something, I can now tell you that the Women of Woo mastermind not only produces the most incredible and successful entrepreneurs in their respective industries, but it is a place where people bond for life.

Our members form lifelong friendships that I have now had the pleasure to witness over a span of YEARS.

As the mastermind grew, our brand became synonymous with Women of Woo. Today, we operate formally as Women of Woo and now own the trademark for the name. Since the company’s founding, we’ve released 24+ courses and hundreds of trainings, many of which we no longer launch and live in the “vault” of the Women of Woo mastermind.

Our brand, Spirit Leader Design, is the exception. It now has three courses of its own. In 2021, approximately 600 students signed up to take the first and second run of the Spirit Leader Design courses.

What’s New in Women of Woo?

While we’re still providing the same 1:1 and group level access as we’ve done in previous years, we are excited to work on refining our processes and looking forward to providing an even higher level of service in 2022.

First, my team and I have been discussing a new, streamlined onboarding process that will help our members access training materials from the moment they sign on to join us. This will also help them “get up the speed” on the WoW culture and how we support our members. 

I truly believe that this will eliminate the usual lag time that people have when they first join a program and will let our new members hit the ground running toward their goals. 

Second, while we can’t predict pandemic restrictions or make any promises as of this writing, we have our fingers crossed that retreats will return in 2022 and that is just about the best news ever for all of us.

Third, our brands are growing up. While Women of Woo and Spirit Leader Design still technically exist under the same umbrella (Jasmine Ivy, LLC), they will now begin to move forward as two autonomous brands with their own brand identities. 

Honestly, THIS has been the biggest thorn in my side for a couple of years now and brings me SO MUCH RELIEF. I was fighting this exact move for a long time. It felt too complicated to have two brands to run – heck, I’m a mom running a company AND running after two kids. But when we finally made the decision, I was surprised at how much relief I felt. 

Officially, this is where we’re at:

  • Women of Woo offers intuition-based business strategies and coaching for women entrepreneurs building businesses online. We offer a premium mastermind, retreats, and 1:1 coaching services.
  • Spirit Leader Design offers spiritually-based success training for business owners and career professionals. We offer self-paced courses and plan to offer a support community in the future. 


This just brings so much simplicity to our company and allows each brand to take on a life of its own (which has been happening despite how difficult I personally was making it, lol).

The result of this brand-split actually opens us up to roll out some exciting new things on the Women of Woo side, which hasn’t really had any new freebies or digital products in a couple of years as we developed the SLD brand. While I can’t share exactly what those will be, I have no doubt you’ll be pleased with what’s coming in in 2022. 🙂

Thank You

I just want to thank you for coming on this ride with me.

A few years ago, I was building this business on a wing and a prayer in our tiny duplex home in Portland, Oregon. I would run (literally) my son to a daycare three blocks away for two hours and then run back home to get as much done as I could while he socialized with friends.

Now, as I write this, I am sitting in my own office in a historic 1800s former-bakery building. Above my computer screen is a window that looks out over the St. Joseph Church with its iconic soaring twin steeples here in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. At the street level, there are brick sidewalks along renovated shotgun homes, and hand-painted murals around every corner.

A lot has changed over the last six years, but the heart of my work really hasn’t. This company was built to help you create that dream inside you, to get your work out into the world and help as many people as possible.

In 2022, I am excited to help you do just that.

Women of Woo is now enrolling for Spring 2022


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