Detox Your Blocks Bonus Call - Women of Woo

Personal Support for your
Money Mindset Questions!

Join me for a special group call just for 
students of Detox Your Blocks

>> Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 2pm EST <<

Hold your seat for $5. Why the cost? Because you know how you are. If you sign up for free, your ego will convince you it's not that important, you're too busy, and you don't really need help making more money. Right? Your ego is silly.

Get Direct Support

Get personal support for your money mindset questions. 
Don't miss this one-time special event just for Detox Your Blocks students!

  • Live video call - no recording
  • Answers for your money Q's
  • Get live coaching from Jasmine Ivy
  • Camera not required


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I'm Jasmine Ivy... wife, mama, serial entrepreneur, and enthusiastic cheerleader for women doing gargantuan things. In 2016, I walked away from my career as a Silicon Valley marketing executive. Today, I'm an online business expert, a certified Law of Attraction teacher, and hey, I turned a free Facebook group into a multi-six figure empire. Pretty much everything I touch turns to gold, because I believe it will. And that really sums up everything I teach.

I've said #boybye forever to the toxic masculine energy of the traditional business world, and I help my clients do the same by teaching them solid growth and income-generating strategies built using feminine energy principles that feel, wait for it, FUN. It's a connection over competition approach that has been wildly successful for both me and my clients. Together, we've established a new way to CEO that lets you do business YOUR way. #aboutdamntime

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