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Detox Your Blocks: 

Money Edition 

A 5-day mini-course designed to bust through your money blocks.

Day 1: Old Money Stories

Day 2: Let's Get Real

Day 3: Your Embarrassing Money Stories

Day 4: Re-framing Money Beliefs

Day 5: Your Default Money Life + Money + Security

About Jasmine Ivy

Founder, Women of Woo

I’ve helped thousands of women start and build businesses that add millions of dollars of value into the world every single year. And the best part is they are doing it THEIR WAY. Women of Woo is founded on our special blend of intuition and business strategy, a proven combination that will help you grow your business without any of the usual ick and "salesy" nonsense.

You are designed for business success. You’re designed to make a TON of money. But you’ve got to do it YOUR way. You ready?