Business Healing

for Business Leaders

Essence of Woo is a healing meditation series designed to help you deeply and profoundly balance and heal your business one chakra at a time. 

Essence of Woo Business Healing Meditation Series

This series of seven in-depth chakra meditations and two bonus soul activating meditations contains exactly what spiritual entrepreneurs need to kick off the new decade healed and open to Divine Connection in business.  

A unique approach to business growth, the Essence of Woo Meditation Series combines the life changing power of healing chakra meditation with an intuitive, dynamic approach to business. Not only will the Essence of Woo Meditation Series shake things up in your business and give you a whole new way to think of marketing, sales, and service... it will also create a seismic shift in how you live - because healing in one area, heals us in the others.

What is a business healing meditation?

A business healing meditation is a meditation that heals your business - simple as that!

Chakras are swirling centers of energy that channel your life force. Kind of a big deal. When you find that you can't speak up in your business or that "who am I to do this?" question pops up, these pieces of resistance to your mission can be traced back to a blocked chakra.

When a chakra is blocked, it restricts the flow of energy in your body, your business, your life. 

Channeling healing energy into the chakras helps you unblock them, reopening the flow of energy into your business. This allows the good stuff (like money and clients) to flow in and the bad stuff (like fear and doubt) to flow out. 

Each chakra meditation is designed to help you reopen to your intuition and become available to Divine guidance and your natural flow of abundance.

You'll receive a total of 7 chakra meditations and 2 additional soul-activation meditations. 

7 Chakra Meditations

Heal your chakras, heal your business. Each of the 7 chakras are associated with areas of your business and when the energy is blocked, it slows (or even stops) the flow of business (translation: money and clients - eek!). 

2 Soul Activation Meditations

These are my most popular meditations of all time with my mastermind ladies: "Meet the Fleet" and "Healing Colors." You will LOVE these.

Journal Prompts

Deep transformational healing brings a lot to the surface, so you'll receive journal prompts to help you process what comes up and shift it - for good. 

Who is Jasmine Ivy?

I'm a wife, mama, healer, and business coach for business leaders.

I use a unique blend of woo and business to help women grow and scale their soul-driven businesses. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to support thousands of women with my "woo-strategy." It's a proven approach that helps go from yuck to yay when it comes to selling, marketing, and building their businesses. 

Outside of kitchen dancing with my family, my favorite thing in life is helping women answer the call to entrepreneurship in a way that lights them up and fills their bank accounts. 

About the Chakras



  • Root Chakra is associated with your business foundation through themes of safety and control. 
  • This healing meditation focuses on healing safety and money lack fears.



  • Sacral Chakra is the seat of the emotional body.
  • Emotions are the drivers for manifestation.
  • To grow your business in an aligned way, you must be able to leverage your emotional body to expand your energy.
  • Sacral Meditation heals sacral wounds and allows you to reconnect with the power of your emotional body.



  • The solar plexus is associated with your personal power and confidence.
  • It is THE KEY to taking action in your business. 
  • This meditation will help you balance your 3rd chakra, so you can take aligned, decisive action to move forward toward your goals



  • Center of love and connection. Healing chakra
  • Allows you to attach your business to something bigger. This is the MISSION chakra.
  • Meditation to open and balance your heart chakra, allowing you to effortlessly transmit your mission and allows your audience to connect with it.



  • This is a marketing chakra! Associated with speaking your truth, authenticity, expressing yourself.
  • This healing meditation will help you heal and balance your throat chakra so your marketing will be clear, impactful, and magnetized to draw in perfect, ideal clients.



  • The third eye is what allows you to see the unseen. It is your intuition center.
  • This meditation is designed to help you open your third eye chakra, allowing you to SEE divine truth. 
  • Dramatically enhances your work with your clients, because you GET THEM in a way no one does.
  • Want to up your psychic intuitive gifts? This meditation is the one!



  • Center for divine wisdom. Connection to inner wisdom and the divine.
  • Center for peace and WOKEness.
  • Allows you to be a witness to the ups and downs of your business, rather than a participant in the drama, which means your business grows faster and stays aligned with your divine mission.

Essence of Woo

Who is the Essence of Woo Meditation Series for?

It’s for YOU.

  • if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur creating products or services that better humanity!
  • if you’re ready to get moving and grow your business in a natural and authentic fashion.
  • if you can’t shake the sense you could be thriving, yet something is holding you back and keeping you *stuck.*
  • if you know you’re ready to do the work and heal the part of you that fears your big mission and reason for being.
  • if you’re ready to fully open to your intuitive gifts so you can show up and serve others in whatever industry you work in.
  • if you crave becoming still and getting closer to the Divine.


Questions about Essence of Woo

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