Your Business ResultsCan Be Inevitable

What if hitting every goal was inevitable?

What if getting the clients and the money you want was a certainty?

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This entrepreneur has a new offer every week. She razzle-dazzles her audience with new, interesting offers to make sure they don't lose interest. Plus, what if SHE gets bored? It's important to her that she keeps on having fun.

Unfortunately, she also faces some challenges:

  • She's working a LOT and struggles to stay out of burnout
  • Her programs sell, but it never feels like they sell well enough
  • The same people show up to all of her free things
  • She pumps out content and free offers frequently, but she isn’t sure anyone is even listening

  • Many of her days feel frantic and she wonders if she can keep it up

The "Affordable" Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur really wants to be accessible to people. She doesn’t want people to look at her price point and feel that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs. She loves what she does and wants to remove as many barriers as she can, so that people will say YES to the incredible transformation she offers. 

Unfortunately, she also faces some challenges:

  • People still say that they can’t afford it a LOT
  • She either has too few clients or she’s way too buy, with no in-between
  • Her people comparison shop around and don’t seem sold on her offer
  • She wouldn’t want to say this out loud, but her clients are a little (or, a LOT) high maintenance and don’t always give positive feedback 
  • She struggles sometimes with how to figure out a fair price, while also trying to make the money she needs to make

The "Flexibility" Entrepreneur

This entrepreneur offers single sessions as the main focus of her business. She enjoys the variety of clients and feels like single sessions let them decide how many sessions they need and how long they need support for. It feels like a mix of flexibility and accessibility that keeps clients happy.

Unfortunately, she also faces some challenges:

  • To make the money she wants to make (or to make more), she needs a lot of clients
  • She never knows how long she’ll be working with a client and isn’t sure they achieved the result they wanted if it was only a few sessions
  • She never knows how long she’ll be working with a client and isn’t sure they
  • When she rolls into a new month, she doesn’t know how much money she’ll make and every month requires marketing to get new clients to replace the ones that disappeared
  • She wants to make more money and it feels like the only way to do that is to create digital products, which require an enormous amount of marketing to sell