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I'm Jasmine Ivy

Former Silicon Valley Marketer turned Business Coach to thousands of women entrepreneurs across the world. I use an intuition-based training method to help entrepreneurs just like you scale to $100,000, $200,000, and beyond. It's a proven, intuition-based system that you won't find anywhere else.

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Why Does Business Feel SO HARD?

Business wasn't built for women like you. Heart-led, service-focused entrepreneurs grow businesses and make money differently. Intuition is a required CEO skillset. This is my specialty.

I've been building businesses for 23 years. The MOST IMPORTANT success skill you can learn is how to use your intuition to create your business. It makes you unstoppable.

Our Program

The Women of Woo Mastermind is an unparalleled six-month coaching program designed to help you build your business by leveraging THE GREATEST CEO SKILL: your intuition. 

But this isn't fluff. Using your intuition in your business creates real change and real income. Our members prove that.

If you're ready to grow your income without the ick and overwhelm of traditional business, book a free consultation today.



Jasmine Ivy

Jasmine Ivy is the founder of Women of Woo and an intuitive business mentor to thousands of women entrepreneurs across the world. A former Silicon Valley marketer, Jasmine has been building businesses professionally for more than two decades.

Several years ago, she faced a life or death moment that brought her life’s purpose into instant focus. That moment changed the trajectory of her life and career forever, and she vowed to pass those lessons on.

Today, she helps women with a heart for business open up to their true purpose and grow six-figure, world-changing businesses.