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Historically, business spaces ignored the strengths and voices of women. Women learn early not to trust ourselves, which wreaks havoc in business where self-trust and quick decision-making are essentials for success.As a result, entrepreneurs like you often feel:

Like you can’t figure out the “right way” to market and sell

Constant fear that people think you’re annoying or “salesy”

Like you’ve done everything and none of it is working

Unsure you can get results for clients

Overwhelm and burnout

Your intuition is your secret weapon.

Understanding the foundation of movement allows for a safe practice.

Intuitive Offer

Focuses on the heart chakra or energy center located in the chest. It aims to help individuals connect with their emotions, cultivate self-love and compassion, and open their hearts to others.

Intuitive Strategy

Focuses on developing mental strength, concentration, and control. This type of yoga aims to help individuals overcome mental obstacles and achieve a state of inner peace and calmness.

Intuitive Belief

Focuses on developing mental strength, concentration, and control. This type of yoga aims to help individuals overcome mental obstacles and achieve a state of inner peace and calmness.

Since 2016, Women of Woo has helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you learn to reclaim your voice and your dreams by developing your intuition. Then, using it to serve big and make a lot more impact and money in business. It’s your time to build a business that creates the money and clients you want without feeling like you have to sell your soul to do it.

Women of Woo teaches you how.

It's a proven six-month mastermind for coaches and service providers.

Mastermind Term: January 8, 2024 - July 7, 2024

The Investment


Your investment is 6 payments of $1750/mo.

Save $500 when you pay in full.

*+ applicable KY state tax

Jasmine Myers

Hi, I'm Jasmine.

I’ve been building businesses for more than 20 years. I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world build and grow their dream businesses using their intuition.

Are you next?

Founder + Business Coach, Women of Woo

A Sisterhood of Women Who Get It

What's included?

    Every month, we will meet over private video chat for coaching office hours to move you forward in your business with a blend of intuition and business strategy that is entirely customized to you and your business. Plus! Every new member starts the mastermind with a private 1-hour Kickoff Intensive! This is designed to provide you with a clear and intuitive offer and strategy to help you begin making money in month 1.
    Twice monthly, we will meet all together as a group to get focused coaching to get you moving toward your goals
    Women of Woo members gain access to hundreds of training modules on topics all across the field of intuition-led business. Examples include: how to plan your content, how to sync your business with your menstrual cycle, how to do a sales call, how to do money manifestation journaling, and so so so much more.
    In this once per month call, we'll gather to go deeper into the process of building a business intuitively.
    Sisterhood healing is the unsung hero of the energy world. Connecting deeply and profoundly with other women is healing in a way that will not only change your life, but your business. It is an experience unlike any other.

    Once a month, you'll get together with your "WoW Sisters" to collaborate and workshop on curated topics that will help you get stuff done and move your business forward.
    Members receive a complimentary attendee ticket for a Women of Woo Event. Our events are a blend of intuition, business strategy, and sisterhood. Past events have included the Hollywood Hills, Denver, Orlando, Sedona, Asheville, Palm Springs, and Portland, Maine. It’s a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Next Up

Louisville, KY

Join Us In-Person in Louisville, KY: April 8-10, 2024

Women of Woo mastermind members are heading to the hippest neighborhood in Louisville in April 2024! This members-only event is three days of powerful intuitive business trainings, coaching, and connecting with your fellow mastermind peers. This in-person event is being held in the super walkalbe NULU neighborhood of Louisville. It’s a can’t-miss part of The Women of Woo Mastermind experience. You’ll walk away exhilarated, inspired, and ready to make a whole lot more money.

And the best part? This luxury in-person event is free to attend for mastermind members.


Attendance at the event is a complimentary bonus to current mastermind members. Lodging and travel are not included.

Our Members

Here's what people have to say:

Visa Shanmugam

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From Her First $10,000 Month to "On Track for a Million"

I had my first $10,000 month when I started working with her. Next year I'm on track to cross the  $1,000,000 mark in revenue in my business since working with her. While the money goals are amazing ... even better is how I feel. I feel so aligned. I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing. I feel like I can't fail.

Maddie Preschong


Get Real Results!

A Simple, Effective Approach To Intuition-Led Success.

The Women of Woo Mastermind has a track record of success. Our members are on a mission to make real change in the world, build a legacy with their businesses, and make REAL money that will impact their families lives for generations to come. Surprise! It’s not that easy to be an entrepreneur. Many of us are first-generation entrepreneurs at that.


The Women of Woo mastermind is not only here to support you with building and growing your business, it’s also a powerful collection of successful, high achieving women who want to do business on their terms - just like you. To create an intuition-led $100,000+ per year business, you need to focus on 3 things in business.

This is exactly what we do in The Women of Woo Mastermind. Our goal is to focus you on these three core areas of business that will offer you the greatest returns. 

This is how you scale to $100,000+ per year.

What happens when I book a consultation?

The mastermind is by invitation only.

We carefully screen potential members to ensure that the client-mastermind fit is an ideal match.

On your consultation, I will review your business and your goals and we will discuss how the WoW process works.If your business is accepted for the Women of Woo Mastermind, we will discuss next steps at that time.

This is what we believe:

We believe we have been called by "something greater" to fulfill a mission using our gifts. Whatever you call that -- God, Source, Spirit -- it's cool with us.

We believe entrepreneurship is the vehicle we'll use to serve the world. To continue to do that, we believe we deserve to be well-compensated. No money guilt here.

We believe deeply in connection over competition. Our expectation is that every member is committed to all other members' success.

We believe that intuition is foundational to success.

We believe that business growth is personal growth. We believe in doing the inner work to back up all of our material actions.

Our Values

Frequently Asked

What are the dates of the mastermind?

The mastermind is six months long. Your term will begin January 8 - July 7, 2023.

Do you offer any guarantees? What about refunds?

No. We do not offer guarantees or refunds. Every person and every business is different. What we promise is that you will receive everything our mastermind offers to the very best of our abilities. Our members renew again and again due to this high standard of excellence.

Will the mastermind work for my business?

The mastermind is designed for anyone looking to build and grow their business online. Most of our clients are service-based or coaches, but we have had successful product-based businesses and network marketers too. It's not really about what you sell. It's about how deeply you believe in your offers, how much you trust yourself, and how willing you are to do the (often scary!) things it takes to grow a business. I've been building business off and online for 20 years and I will bring all of that experience to support you and your business growth.

What qualifies Jasmine to lead this mastermind?

I've been building businesses professionally for 20 years. I ended my traditional career in 2016 after working in early stage startups in Silicon Valley. I've helped businesses big and small makes tens of millions of dollars specifically through working on strategy, marketing, and sales within their companies. I have a body of real-world business experience that I bring to this work, which is rather rare in the coaching industry. I also have supported thousands of women as an intuitive business coach since 2016. I have six-figure and multi-six figure clients who grew to those points within the Women of Woo mastermind. Experience "qualifies" me, but my passion for this work is unparalleled. It drives me daily.

I'm scared of the investment. Help?

I know. I've been there. We all have. Every member of WoW has been there. There is nothing that I or anyone can say that will eradicate this fear, but here are two things I want to share with you. 1) Nearly 50% of every round is made up of members who renewed, which I think speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the mastermind, and 2) Our immediate goal in the mastermind is to create a plan to not only recoup your investment, but to exceed it. That is my goal for every member.

Is this a program? Is there a curriculum?

Women of Woo is a "mastermind hybrid." It is not a course or program that takes everyone through the same material. Every business is different. YOU are incredibly unique. The mastermind is personalized to you and your journey. You receive a tailored 1:1 experience using our method, as well as group-based support, a sisterhood community, and vault access to 100+ hours of learning resources. 

Start your Journey Today

There's a better way to grow your business.

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