It’s time to make A LOT more money.

Momentum Events are how you’ll do it.

February 6-8, 2024 | 2pm eastern 

Free for Women Entrepreneurs



Marketing that Gets Results

If there is ONE TECHNIQUE that is guaranteed to build momentum in your business, it’s Momentum Events.

Momentum Events are designed to make your people move along your customer journey from casual social media lurker to full-on fan girl and shiny new client.

A Momentum Event helps you…

  • Book way more consultations
  • Build a waitlist
  • Test new program materials
  • Grow your social media following AND email/text list
  • Give your ideal clients an opportunity to work with you
  • Fill your group program, membership, or course
  • Make more money

3-Day Live Mini-Course

February 6-8, 2024 | 2pm eastern | Free for Women Entrepreneurs

In Mastering Momentum Events, you’re going to learn the exact process I use to host successful Momentum Events that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business every single year.  For the first time EVER, I'm taking you behind the scenes of what makes a Momentum Event magic for your business (and your income). 

You’ll learn:

My Event Format
  • What should you talk about? 
  •  How and when do you introduce yourself?
  • How do you ensure people don’t get bored and leave?
Momentum Event Marketing
  • How do you get people to register for your momentum event? 
  • How do you get people who registered to actually attend the event?

Momentum Event Conversion

  • What do you do after the Momentum Event to get people to take actions that will lead to sales?
  • How do you get people to book calls?


Some marketing studies have suggested that your best attendance days for a momentum event will be Tuesday-Thursday.

*Source: Live Webinar


Studies have shown that as much as 48% of brands can get an ROI (return-on-investment) of 300-500% from event marketing.

*Source: Gitnux

< 50

Small events still get the job done! For example, the majority (78%) of webinars have LESS than 50 attendees.

*Source: Influno

Jasmine Ivy


For more than 20 years, I've been studying, planning, and executing successful marketing strategies. Here's what I can tell you: Most marketing advice out there is just way too complicated. You don’t need to “do it all.” You need to do a few simple things well

In Mastering Momentum: Events, you'll learn about the exponential marketing power of Momentum Events, but more than that, you’ll walk away with tangible strategies to implement immediately. 

We need more women coaches and service providers like you producing quality work in the world. It’s good for all of us when women like you win big. 

I know of no tool more powerful for growing your business than Momentum Events.

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The Power of Momentum Events

I built my WHOLE BUSINESS on the power of momentum events – I’m passionate about this topic. I created a podcast that gives you just 5 of the many reasons to host a momentum event NOW.

5 Reasons to Host a Momentum Event ASAP

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