Make More Money Week

5-Day E-Course to help you

Make more money - Intuitively

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The Make More Money Week E-Course is a 5-day series teaching you 5 specific things you can do to increase your income intuitively.

If you need to make more money RIGHT NOW in business, this is for you.

And here's the best news! NONE OF THESE require you to have a giant audience or require you to focus on growing your audience.

These are simple strategies that can work RIGHT NOW - no matter your audience size.

Day 1: Raising Your Prices

If you’ve ever been afraid people won’t buy if you raise prices OR feared judgement if you charge “too much,” this is for you.I’ll show you a specific method for HOW to raise your prices in a way that feels natural and painless.

Day 2: Low Pressure Launching

Are you scared to launch? Do you feel lost on HOW to do it or fear you’ll "fail" publicly? Does it just feel like a lot of stress? Then This is for you. I’ll share how to “quiet launch” and get people in your group before people even know about your launch. Plus, I’ll make the case for why you should launch even if you only sell 1:1.

Day 3: Hidden Offers

This is specifically for you if you struggle with fear of getting “crickets” and rejection feelings when putting out offers. It’s also for you if you want to control WHO buys.

I’ll share 2 kinds of hidden offers and how (and when!) to offer them.

Day 4: Packaging Your Offers

This is for you if you’ve ever felt like you needed more offers to give people variety, so they would buy. Or, if you’ve ever had potential clients ask to remove certain features of your offer to “make it what they want,” this is for you.On day 4, I’ll teach you how to shift from a Tools Mindset to a Solutions Mindset, so you can become the expert people want to pay (and pay well!).

Day 5: “VIP” Offers

Want to make more money from an offer, but the cart is already closed? Want to find a way to renew select clients. You’ll love this one!Add thousands of dollars to an offer that you’ve already sold AND offer your clients an opportunity to be supported in an even more personalized way with VIP Offers.

Bonus: 10 More Ways to Make More Money

The truth is, there are many ways for you to make more money. MANY MANY. The more open to that truth you are, the more creative you become. And this matters because when you feel boxed in making money, the more it feels like doing it is something hard, complicated or out of reach. Making more money in business simpler than you think.


As Part of The Rewilding Bundle

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I’ve helped thousands of women start and build businesses that add millions of dollars of value into the world every single year. And the best part is they are doing it THEIR WAY. Women of Woo is founded on our special blend of intuition and business strategy, a proven combination that will help you grow your business without any of the usual ick and "salesy" nonsense.

You are designed for business success. You’re designed to make a TON of money. But you’ve got to do it YOUR way. You ready?