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How to Make More Money  Without Feeling "Salesy"

may 19, 2022

2:30 pm

What you’ll learn in this FREE workshop:

THE Thing that generates money in Your business

Money isn’t a consequence of hustling, doing a bunch of sales calls, or having the perfect webinar funnel. Making money - and LOTS of it - doesn’t happen because you’re a social media queen or because you have a giant support team. There is ONE thing that allows you to create the money you want in your business -- and it will simply everything for you.

Specific action Steps to Build business momentum immediately

Business has become overcomplicated with tech and sales pages and funnels. These are all wonderful tools for business, but we've lost the fact that they are just TOOLS. This workshop will help you get back to the basics of what it is you actually need to do to make more sales.

An approach for business that is repeatable

What you'll learn in this workshop is something you'll use again and again in your business. It may challenge some of what you think you know about business, because none of us have been taught how to trust our intuition when it comes to business. But this approach will serve you for YEARS to come if you implement.

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About Jasmine Ivy

Founder, Women of Woo

I’ve helped thousands of women start and build businesses that add millions of dollars of value into the world every single year. And the best part is they are doing it THEIR WAY. Women of Woo is founded on our special blend of intuition and business strategy, a proven combination that will help you grow your business without any of the usual ick and "salesy" nonsense.

You are designed for business success. You’re designed to make a TON of money. But you’ve got to do it YOUR way. You ready?