Thank you for your interest in beta testing Spirit Leader Design: Foundations.

We are looking for beta testers who are committed and excited to reaching the $100,000 (or above) benchmark with your business. This is a sustainability point for small businesses that allows you to truly make the impact you hope to make. The Spirit Leader Design: Foundations course has a value of $1,497 and will be totally free to those selected to beta test the course. We are offering this course to beta testers in exchange for feedback and (optional) testimonials about the course. We will bring tremendous value to you, and in turn, we hope that you will help us add even more value to this course for future students for years to come. The following questions will be used to select beta testers that are best suited to gain value from this course.
(Beta testers must be 18 or over and should be able to read, understand, and speak English fluently.)

Thank you again for your interest in beta testing our course! We will review every application and will be letting you know (via your provided email address) if you were chosen or not and next steps.