Leverage Your Intuition & Build an Unstoppable Business Foundation for Your First $100K Year

Building intuition into the foundation of your business helps you make more money and more impact because you are fully aligned with your deepest spiritual mission. You were BORN to do this work, and you were DESIGNED to be wildly successful. 

Leverage Your Intuition & Build an Unstoppable Business Foundation for Your First $100K Year

Building intuition into the foundation of your business helps you make more money and more impact because you are fully aligned with your deepest spiritual mission. You were BORN to do this work, and you were DESIGNED to be wildly successful. 

Spirituality is NOT a trend. It’s the future.

We are moving into a more connective, unity-centered, intuition-led age, and it’s revolutionizing the way we do business.

As a brilliant, heart-centered online entrepreneur, you want to be at the forefront of this shift in the world of business. But HOW do you build your business with intuition? How do you get clear enough on your mission that it naturally attracts your ideal clients and grows your income?

With so many gurus and experts out there shouting their advice at you, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The truth is you are already ahead of the curve. Because you know that your intuition IS the strategy. But knowing HOW to recognize it and leverage it is what trips you up.

Leveraging Your Intuition Helps You Get Massive Clarity at Any Stage of Business & It can Become the Most Magnetizing “Client Attraction” Strategy You’ll Ever Use

There are three key steps to integrating your intuition into the very foundation of your business - even if you’ve already built your business. Think of it as a spiritual tune-up that takes your business from a bumpy ride to a smooth Maserati experience that gets you where you want to go faster AND calls in quality dream clients who want to work with you.

Intuitive Success Profile

Unlock your intuitive leader within by learning about your intuitive success profile within Spirit Leader Design. This step paves the way for you to build a business that truly aligns with YOUR unique energy and proves that you were designed for success.

Big Mission Energy

Step into your “Big Mission Energy” based on your success profile type. Success is NOT one-size-fits all. Rooting yourself into your specific mission and using the tools that are unique to you allows you to bloom into your greatest potential in business.

Big Momentum Energy

Imagine reaching into the very heart of why you’re here to do this work and pouring that energy into your cupped hand. The energy builds… until finally it overflows and your ideal clients are drawn to it. That’s big momentum energy in action.

BEST Business Course I've Taken Yet!

Nicole Graber - Business Owner

I've easily spent over $250,000 in business classes and coaching (including a BA in Business Strategy) over the past 10 years and this one course surpassed them all in terms of value. Jasmine is brilliant with explaining the simplicity behind who you are and what you need in your business on a soul level that is very much needed throughout the business coaching industry. Her aligned enthusiasm and knowledge creates a course that feels good to take, and flows with an energy that will inspire you through indulging in floods of ideas on how to make your own business more aligned, complete, and cohesive. I absolutely recommend this course to all women who are building a business or looking to make their businesses flow better in preparation to scale.

What if the missing piece in your success isn’t an action, but an energy?

What if you could powerfully step into your intuition and begin to build your business like an industry leader?

You can. But it starts with weaving intuition into the very foundation of your business.

Hey there! I’m Jasmine Ivy, “recovering” Silicon Valley marketing exec, turned intuitive business coach for women entrepreneurs.

My clients are using their intuition to grow their businesses to six figure (and even multi-six-figure!) success with the help of my Spirit Leader Design business modality.

And, I am too! I've made nearly three-quarters of a million dollars online as an intuitive business coach in just the last few years. But globally, I've been building businesses for 19 years until a spontaneous (and, honestly, somewhat unwelcome) kundalini awakening drop-kicked me into a spiritual "dark night of the soul.” 

That experience planted the seeds of what would become Spirit Leader Design, a revolutionary new energetic business modality that helps women become industry leaders, guided by the power of their intuition.

Long dramatic story short, today, I am not only a seasoned online business expert, but I am a highly gifted intuitive that came kicking and screaming into the gifts. That is, until I realized what a gift these gifts are to others. And now, "nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up." Yes, I did just quote Fat Joe - what can I say? I'm not your mama's business coach.

Let’s build an unstoppable foundation for your first (or next!) six-figure year in business.

The “Spirit Leader Design: Foundations” Course is Based on YOUR Unique Spirit Leader Design Type

Learning your Spirit Leader Design type unlocks your path to intuition-led success. You are uniquely designed for success in your business. Spirit Leader Design shows you exactly how.

Spirit Leader Design Light Worker

Lightworker: The Visionary

The Lightworker is here to show us what’s possible… to shine a light on what this world could be. They work best in groups and share through personal storytelling. They shine… almost without trying and their work is to be the “lighthouse” and guide the rest of us toward a more connective, unity-centered world.

Spirit Leader Design Grid Worker

Gridworker: The Structurist

The Gridworker is here to give us the structure that we need to blaze a new, unity-based path into a new world. The quickest of the types to create passive products and scale their time, Gridworkers give us the tools and resources we need to build a kinder, more inclusive Earth.

Spirit Leader Design Energy Worker

Energy Worker: The Transmutionist

The Energy Worker is here to help us face the shadows and begin to integrate all sides of ourselves. They thrive in intimate spaces -- 1:1 and small groups -- and their most profound work is to bring us, gently, back to the truest sense of our beings.

Within the first two weeks of DOING what Jasmine is teaching me in the Foundations course, I have curated my audience on IG. I gained over 600 followers recently who are all in line with what my business is. I have struggled for YEARS to narrow down / niche down. This course is helping me launch a biz and intertwine an already existent biz and I am forever grateful. She makes it easy to understand and it is powerful.

Natalie Brenner


Here’s what’s included:

Spirit Leader Design Foundation Women of Woo

3 Self-Paced Learning Modules:

These video learning modules will walk you through the three key steps to building a powerful intuitive foundation for your business that will help you grow your income and attract ideal clients by leveraging your intuition. Every module includes two homework prompts to help you integrate what you’re learning AND take quick action to get results immediately.

Module 1: 

Understanding Your Intuitive Success Profile

You’ll dive into your Spirit Leader Design Primary Type. You’ll learn your soul purpose, your type superpower, and how those type aspects impact you as an entrepreneur. 

Module 2:

Stepping into Big Mission Energy

You will craft two specific mission-based pieces of content that align with your unique Spirit Leader Design type. This will help you get total clarity and attract clients.

Module 3

Unleash Your Big Momentum Energy

You will create an intuition-led plan of action to begin building momentum within your audience and calling in ideal clients that are ready to work with you.

The “Intuitive Leader’s Blueprint + Guide”

This pdf guide is a companion guide for the Foundations course. It includes a journaling workbook, framework overview, and glossary of terms for the Spirit Leader Design Modality.

That’s a $597 value. You get 77% off!

Spirit Leader Design Foundation Women of Woo

Jasmine really zeroes in on the things that trip up new entrepreneurs and gives very clear guidance on how to work through those things. This course offers a clear path towards clarity and focus in your business. This is not a “three steps to a six-figure business” course. This is a comprehensive foundational course in who you are as a businesswoman, what you’re here to do, and how you build the momentum you need to be successful. It is innovative, easy to understand and implement, and deeply healing. If you want to honor your unique energy and mission, this is a must-take course!

Maeve Stoltz // 

I cannot express how valuable Spirit Leader Design Foundations was for me. I’ve owned my own business for 4 years now, and I had recently found myself feeling a little directionless and stagnant. This course lit a fire under me and gave me so much clarity and motivation!  I have felt more excitement around my business now than I have in the last year! Jasmine is so inspirational, and connecting with my Spirit Leader Design type gave me such a deep understanding of how I should be functioning as an entrepreneur, and setting goals within my business. I can’t wait to see where my business grows from here!

Dani Sage // 

I was blown away by Jasmine Ivy & the Spiritual Leader Design course! It was everything that I needed for my business that I didn't know I needed! She brought a sense of clarity to the "why" behind my business, and then gave me the information I needed to move forward with clear, concise steps. My design type, Energy Worker, was dead on, and made the resistance that I have been feeling so much clearer. I am so excited to move forward and put all of the steps in action!

Samantha Goertzen // 


I was called by the Divine to help women entrepreneurs like you become powerful leaders of wealth and impact. This doesn’t just transform your business, it revolutionizes the entire world of business. In fact, passionate, high integrity women leaders showing up in all industries with big hearts and even bigger missions will change the whole world.

But I can’t do this alone. I need as many women as possible to step into this powerful place of intuitive success. I need you to join me.