You were DESIGNED for success in your business

Get your design type and finally grow your business - on your terms

You were Designed for success in your business


Embrace your Divine Design + Build the Business You were Designed to Create

The business world wasn't built for passionate, mission-fueled people like you.

Icky, high pressure sales and creepy marketing tactics that would have you sliding cold into somebody's DM's, not to mention traditional business models that require you to use ALL THE TECH and invest a ton of time into digital products or programs that you haven't even tested on your "customer base" yet... Yuck. What about the people you're here to help? What about your heart of service? Traditional business doesn't play to the strengths of an intuitive entrepreneur who would rather support a community than build an "audience of followers." 

Here's the truth. You weren't designed to build your heart-centered business while feeling like a used car salesman. You were divinely chosen to serve the world with your amazing product or service.

Spirit Leader Design the Journey Starts Here

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BEST Business Course I've Taken Yet!

I've easily spent over $250,000 in business classes and coaching (including a BA in Business Strategy) over the past 10 years and this one course surpassed them all in terms of value. Jasmine is brilliant with explaining the simplicity behind who you are and what you need in your business on a soul level that is very much needed throughout the business coaching industry. Her aligned enthusiasm and knowledge creates a course that feels good to take, and flows with an energy that will inspire you through indulging in floods of ideas on how to make your own business more aligned, complete, and cohesive. I absolutely recommend this course to all women who are building a business or looking to make their businesses flow better in preparation to scale.

Nicole Graber

Best women's entrepreneur course ever created

Within the first two weeks of DOING what Jasmine is teaching me, I have curated my audience on IG. I gained over 600 followers recently who are all in line with what my business is. I have struggled for YEARS to narrow down / niche down. This course is helping me launch a biz and intertwine an already existent biz and I am forever grateful. She makes it easy to understand and it is powerful.

Natalie Brenner

Energy Worker

This is genius! This had changed my whole energy around my business and it’s like you have been listening to my conversations. I have been saying for years I am the Bridge, I am 2 people, woowoo/emergency police dispatcher.

Janet Wiszowaty

Clarity, Focus, + Energy

Thank you for an incredible course! Learning about my intuitive success profile made my experiences starting my business so far make a lot more sense. From your course, I learned that my primary energy type is a lightworker and now I understand why I love using my own stories and experiences to explain the tools and insights that I want to share with others. And it now makes sense to me why I feel so strongly about my vision of what's possible and my passion to work with others to create the positive change we imagine. Clarity around my soul purpose has made it so much easier for me to focus and plan for next steps in sharing my work. Thank you again!

Brigitte Donovan

The missing -- and magical -- ingredient

The tagline on my website says “Find your voice … Use it” – but I didn’t really know how to find or use mine to its fullest until I took the Spirit Design Leadership course. Ironic? Maybe. Serendipitous that I learned about this course when I needed it most? Absolutely. While I had all of the tactical marketing materials and knowledge I needed to get my coaching business off the ground, this course was the missing – magical – ingredient to help it soar. Once I leaned into my intuition and used it to understand my mission, the rest fell into place. Jasmine Ivy is the ultimate Lightworker and this course truly shines!

Mardee Handler

The best thing I've done for my business!

I was blown away by Ivy & the Spiritual Leader Design course! It was everything that I needed for my business that I didn't know I needed! She brought a sense of clarity to the "why" behind my business, and then gave me the information I needed to move forward with clear, concise steps. My design type, Energy Worker, was dead on, and made the resistance that I have been feeling so much clearer. I am so excited to move forward and put all of the steps in action!

Samantha Goertzen

Amazing Clarity + Focus

Jasmine really zeroes in on the things that trip up new entrepreneurs and gives very clear guidance on how to work through those things. This course offers a clear path towards clarity and focus in your business. This is not a “three steps to a six-figure business” course. This is a comprehensive foundational course in who you are as a businesswoman, what you’re here to do, and how you build the momentum you need to be successful. It is innovative, easy to understand and implement, and deeply healing. If you want to honor your unique energy and mission, this is a must-take course!

Maeve Stoltz

This course helped me figure out what I'm doing with my life!

I felt so lost before I took this course. Through Spirit Leader Design: Foundations, Jasmine helped me discover what I have to offer the world and how I can use my own unique energy to do that. I don't feel lost anymore; I know what direction to go to move forward!

Emily Bush

This is why Foundations are the Heart Beat in Life + Business!

Foundation is everything, and this course meets you back to that space! I have been in business for a few years but recently found myself feeling confused, listening more externally, and not as connected to my mission. After having the opportunity to go through Spirit Leader Design, I am feeling more excited than ever and more connected to my mission, the dream on my heart for this work to heal and serve, and that it can be simple with some structure in place and connection to myself and what I am here to do.

Getting clarity on my why and I help statement, ways to share content in a way that works for my type (I am energy worker so it makes ALL THE SENSE), and letting the movement piece be more natural and for the big mission (its not about me!), it has given me all the heart eyes on just how to move forward. Thank you Jasmine!

Teri Gosselin

Just what I needed!

I cannot express how valuable Spirit Leader Design Foundations was for me. I’ve owned my own business for 4 years now, and I had recently found myself feeling a little directionless and stagnant. This course lit a fire under me and gave me so much clarity and motivation! Since I finished the last module and I swear I have felt more excitement around my business now than I have in the last year! Jasmine is so inspirational, and connecting with my Spirit Leader Design type gave me such a deep understanding of how I should be functioning as an entrepreneur, and setting goals within my business. I can’t wait to see where my business grows from here!

Dani Sage

This Course Is Next Level

Spirit Leader Design by far exceeded my expectations. The manner in which Jasmine breaks down the material is something I have never experienced. Understanding my Spirit Leader Design type has given me an insight upon what type of content works best for me, and how I can communicate best with my clients. The graphics that were presented were beautiful and informative to look at. The homework challenged me, and forced me to revisit my souls purpose. I highly recommend this course.

Tamara Ritchon


I WANT TO SAY A MASSIVE THANK YOU! This was such an informative course I learned so much about me it's ALOT. Every last bit of info has set a foundation in that can never be taken.

Kelisha Taylor

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