You were DESIGNED for success in your business

Get your design type and finally grow your business - on your terms

You were Designed for success in your business


Jamming a Square Peg into a Round Hole?

Embrace your Divine Design + Build the Business You were Designed to Create

The business world wasn't built for passionate, mission-fueled people like you.

Icky, high pressure sales and creepy marketing tactics that would have you sliding cold into somebody's DM's, not to mention traditional business models that require you to use ALL THE TECH and invest a ton of time into digital products or programs that you haven't even tested on your "customer base" yet... Yuck. What about the people you're here to help? What about your heart of service? Traditional business doesn't play to the strengths of an intuitive entrepreneur who would rather support a community than build an "audience of followers." 

Here's the truth. You weren't designed to build your heart-centered business while feeling like a used car salesman. You were divinely chosen to serve the world with your amazing product or service.

My Philosophy

Jasmine Ivy

You were designed for success in your business. It was written in the stars. Spirit Leader Design proves it. 

Founder, Women of Woo Company

Aligning with your "Big Mission Energy"

If you take a trip back to that first seed of business, it came from the desire to help... to connect... to DO something with your time that would actually impact the world. In fact if you let yourself meander even further, what you'll find is that you've been wanting to serve people for far longer than that. Go back to young adulthood, to childhood... You came into this world with a zest for life and a giving heart. 

For most of us, there were some collisions and detours that threw us off course. And we forgot what we really came here to do. So much of the pain of our youth lives in the purpose of our adulthood. Undoubtedly, your mission is a combination of your desire to help and the many ways you struggled throughout your life.

Ultimately, purpose and pain are two sides of the same coin. As you begin to approach your business as a sacred vehicle for your mission in life, you see that your challenges AND your strengths are both serving you equally. The first is how you will connect with the people you're here to serve. The second is how you'll support them.  

Women of Woo Spirit Leader Design

An Energetically Strengths-Based Approach to your Business

You can use it all.

The challenges, the wins, the times you took a leap and soared, and also the times you crashed and burned. That doesn't mean fire doesn't burn when you touch it. It just means you can leverage your painful experiences into the passion that fuels how you serve and show up within your business.

This very simple concept lives at the core of the channeled modality, Spirit Leader Design. 

Spirit Leader Design is a typing-based spiritual business modality that helps you understand your unique energetic design as an entrepreneur, so you can build your business using ALL of your strengths, especially the ones the traditional business world would label as "obstacles." 

You were DESIGNED for success in your business. You came into this life with a mission. Your experiences have prepared you to serve. 

What's left is for you to align with this and began to walk the path of a spiritual leader in your business.

You are Spiritually Designed for Success!

Part typing system, part spiritual business strategy, Spirit Leader Design offers an energetic profile based on a system of three primary types and six subtypes. The three primary types are Lightworker, Energy Worker, and Gridworker. 

Your profile offers a lens to look through that gives context to so many attributes you might have considered either not-useful to your journey in business or even detrimental. 

Spirit Leader Design allows you to access the full range of your true spiritual makeup and apply it to growing your business with strategy that flows naturally from alignment with your most natural entrepreneurial spirit.

Spirit Leader Design "Primary Types"

Spirit Leader Design Light Worker

Lightworkers are designed to lead through personal experience. Natural storytellers, Lightworker entrepreneurs often shine on social media platforms and usually prefer to build and serve large communities with a high degree of live interaction.

Spirit Leader Design Energy Worker

Energy Workers are designed to lead through deep connections and helping others integrate their shadows. Energy Worker entrepreneur often shine in small group settings and tend to build highly engaged, intimate communities.

Spirit Leader Design Grid Worker

Gridworkers are designed to lead through creating energetic structures for the collective. Gridworker entrepreneurs love putting the pieces together, so they are frequently a go-to resource, the masters of tips, tricks, and tools.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship Is the New Business.

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