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Last updated on January 6, 2021

Before joining us in Birth of Modality Part 2, make sure to read Part 1

The funny thing about getting struck by lightning and being able to “feel” other people’s “mind movies” is that you really have no idea who to ask or how to get help. AND. Something people don’t often talk about is the confusion you feel when you experience this. It’s hard to know if what you’re experiencing is truly an intuitive experience or if it’s a mental health crisis. 

I do NOT say that flippantly, by the way. It can feel very scary and complicated. 

At the time this happened to me, my husband worked as an administrator for a mental health facility. So, I didn’t tell him. Instead, I did what anyone would do.

I did what YOU would do.

I Googled.

As it turns out, “struck by lightning and can feel people’s thoughts” does NOT return many helpful results. I was also becoming increasingly unsure that I was actually struck by lightning. After all, the only thing impacted in my house after the strike was, well, ME. No burned carpet. No broken window. Just buzzing energy hanging out in my calves 24/7.

I’ll spare you the existential crisis of figuring out what the hell happened and just tell you what it was. There are various names for it, but many people would refer to it as a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

The actual lived story wasn’t pretty. Remember? I wanted a simple cut and dry existence. Business coach, period, done. 

I’d run from any semblance of intuition most of my life (though it chased me, always – and as I would eventually learn, ran deep within my family lineage). But now, there was no more running. Here it was. This was real. 

I’ll spare you the existential crisis of figuring out what the hell happened to me and just tell you what it was. 

A Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening 

Which… is nutso, given at the time I had NEVER EVER even heard that phrase before. I had no idea that someone could experience something like that spontaneously. For years, I’d meditated and studied Buddhism, so it’s not like I’d never heard of an awakening before, but like… that was for… I don’t know, people sitting under a tree chanting “ommmmm.”

An awakening certainly didn’t happen to a random woman on the phone sitting in a dingy recliner. But… it did.

Most of my life prior had consisted of faint echoes of intuition, particularly with my mom and brother. Random “Mom, something doesn’t feel right. Call and check on so and so” conversations. Stuff like that. But from that day in the recliner forward, it was like someone had turned the world on LOUD. I could hear and see and feel and did I say FEEEEEEEL … everything.

Eventually, I found a mentor named Johanna Gardner, who had this amazing bioluminescent energy modality that made my whole body ZING.

Oh! Speaking of the ZINGS, this became my new normal. While I experience Kundalini energy all over my body, it rests in my calves. And often it will ZING when I need to pay attention. Generally speaking, my left lower leg zings when what someone is saying is related to their ego, and my right leg zings when what they’re saying is related to their spiritual mission.

Wacky, right?

Okay, so I connected with Johanna and she began to “test” me. And it was a remarkable experience realizing that I could naturally do almost any intuitive thing she tasked me with. During this experience, she taught me her color-based modality and each time we would work with this energy, I would notice additional information coded in the colors.

But here’s the thing about learning new stuff… You don’t know what’s normal. I thought, okay, so this is just what’s inside these colors, right? Right???? Anybody?


Her modality was like a doorway to enter my destiny. Which sounds super dramatic, but like… an awakening is…? Entering her more organized and developed energy meant that my own divine messaging began to unfurl.

I suddenly knew things, but didn’t know how I knew them. It was like downloading an entirely new vocabulary and paradigm.

I wanted to help women grow businesses, but what I’d inadvertently discovered was WHY. Why I couldn’t stop chasing my own dream. Why my clients themselves left paths that “made sense” to pursue this meandering world of entrepreneurship.

I wasn’t running away from the toxic corporate world I’d left. I wasn’t trying to help women get out of it. Not really. I’d been called. And without even knowing it, I’d finally answered.

And now I knew my job. I’m here to remind you to pick up the call. 

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