Birth of a Modality (Part 3)

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Last updated on January 6, 2021

You cannot reach your potential without accepting that you were literally DESIGNED for success in whatever it is you’re here to do. If you don’t accept who you truly are in all your authentic glory, your intuition cannot come in.  If you haven’t secured your container (your human self), then whatever intuition flows in will just slip out through the cracks you haven’t filled.

Your power comes from recognizing that you are not broken. You came into a human vessel and into a human life that were imperfect and yet perfectly suited to your desires to grow as a spiritual being. All the “cracks” in your human form? All those imperfections and flaws you obsess over? 


On the human plane, there is suffering and cruelty and injustice. There is pain out there in the world and perhaps pain inside of you as you read this. That is real. I see you, I honor you.

But that isn't ALL there is.

On the spiritual plane, there is growth, there is experience, there is love, there is recognizing others as self. There is self-trust. And where there is self-trust and self-love, there is service and love and trust of others. Most importantly, there is unity.

The awakening struck me like a bolt of lightning. It crashed into my life.

But if I look at where I was in my life, I was trusting myself for the first time. I had faced my corporate life head-on and walked away in a powerful way, rather than plugging away in hopes of “winning back” my power in the office. 

I stepped onto my path to help women as I’d always been called to do. And made a conscious decision to see it through despite the fact that I was TERRIFIED to do that.

I didn’t know it, but that simple shift was enough. Above all, it awakened a seed of truth that was already inside me. That seed grew to become Spirit Leader Design.

It is MY way to lead, it is how I guide others through a world built to keep you asleep to your power. As a result, the logistics of what I needed to do began to unfold: Marketing, Strategy, Selling, Service, and eventually rolling out this modality.

There is a seed in you, too.

But the pieces of divine wisdom we need to let that seed grow often slip through the cracks because we avoid our areas of “imperfection.” Therefore, we try to run from them or we try to force change.

We tell ourselves that we must be more of something else to compensate for what we think we aren’t. More professional, or more techy, or more social, or more fill-in-the-blank.

Spirit Leader Design cut through my life and I was forced to SEE who and what I really am. To serve you, to share this life and business-altering modality with the world, I have had to acknowledge that I am worthy of being one who serves… that I am worthy of channeling such a flow of divine love.

And as I did that work, it “worked.” I reached success. Moreover, I became one of those multi-six-figure coaches the internet loves to put on shiny pedestals.

Then success was redefined and it became about serving more deeply. About more fully expressing my own Divine nature. Finally, about activating that essence in others. 

Which brings me to now and to you.

Looking back at this experience of birthing this modality I have learned that the origin story of YOUR mission, your important work of service in this life... will also be a story of your own rebirth. We are in a time of great change. Above all, no one will escape the tide of transformation.

But we are the change-makers. First, you might step into leadership in business like I did… Or maybe for you, it’s nutrition, parenthood, fitness, the world of birth, therapy, genetics, teaching, writing… whatever it is, you are designed for success. More importantly, you are meant to step into leadership and make change in YOUR corner of this life. 

It’s time.

About the author 
 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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