Tap into Your Inner GPS

Tap into Your Inner GPS

Hone your "Inner Guidance System" + intuitively guide your business 

Hone your Inner Guidance System + intuitively guide your business

Part Intuitive Oracle Support 

Part Spiritual Strategy  
Completely Cool AF


Tap into Your Divine Guidance
+ Create a Spirit-Led Strategy 

Two Week Intensive 1:1 Experience

  • (1) 45-Minute Intuitive Oracle Reading (Week 1) - to connect with your spirit guides team and receive specific direction about your mission and your business. You will be able to ask them questions and get immediate responses. We will end with an intention-connection ritual that opens you to direct connection with your team. 
  • (1) 45-Minute Intuitive Strategy Session (Week 2) - to put the guidance we received from your team into a plan of action that aligns with your unique mission and business "vehicle."  
  • (2) Weeks of M-F Voxer Access - to help you further open your intuition and implement the divine strategy. Hours: 9-5pm eastern M-F, checked twice daily. 

Hi! I'm your guide.

I'm Jasmine Ivy!

I'm the founder of Women of Woo(TM), a company I've built with my husband and small team of awesome women. Thanks to Covid-19, our young kiddos are now a frequent part of everything we do here at WoW Headquarters, aka our house. :) 

For the majority of my career, I've worked in marketing and business, because I adore telling stories and helping people deeply connect with those stories. That's marketing at its core, even if a lot of companies make marketing and selling into something gross.

A few years ago, I sat down to have a call with a potential client and unexpectedly had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. I truly thought I'd been hit by lightning! That moment changed the course of my entire life. 

Today, Women of Woo supports women all over the world who feel spiritually "called" to entrepreneurship, but need a little help learning to trust their intuition to grow and scale their business in a way that feels right. That's where we come in.

Open Your Intuition + Powerfully Align Your Business

2-Week Intensive 1:1 Experience

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