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Last updated on September 26, 2023

Today's discussion is centered around creating a transformation with your offer. An offer is not just a random sale, but rather a value delivery container that helps the client move from one point to another. The three parts of an offer include the container itself (one-on-one or group), the transformation process (which includes five steps instead of just problem and solution), and the client experience. 

Transformation is key in driving sales and attracting more clients by helping them achieve their desired results through personal growth. When conveying the problem, it's important to use their own words so they can relate to it better. Educating them about their problem helps create awareness and understanding.

The next step involves outlining a process or series of steps to solve the problem effectively, which can be further adjusted based on individual needs. Finally, focusing on the result in terms that resonate with your target audience ensures maximum impact and success in your offering. 

Jasmine discusses the importance of understanding the desired result in working with clients, as it can be used for marketing and sales purposes. Jasmine also emphasizes the concept of expansion, which involves helping clients achieve goals beyond what they initially imagined. This approach leads to higher renewal rates, referrals, and deeper client relationships. The speaker recommends thinking about short-term and long-term strategies for business success.

1. Understand the concept of an offer as a value delivery container.

2. Explore the three parts of an offer: the container, the transformation, and the client experience.

3. Dive deep into the concept of transformation as the most important and challenging part of creating an offer.

4. Recognize that transformation is the reason why people buy an offer, as it helps them become the person who has the desired result.

5. Learn the five steps to crafting a transformation: problem in their words, educating them about the problem, the process of solving the problem, the result in their words, and expansion beyond the result.

6. Focus on conveying the problem in the client's own words to ensure they recognize that you understand their issue.

7. Educate the clients about their problem and help them gain a better understanding of its scope and underlying causes.

8. Develop a process or series of steps to solve the problem and guide clients towards the desired result.

9. Define the result in the client's words, focusing on what they truly want to achieve.

10. Move beyond the result and identify the bigger goal or expansion that the client may not have imagined yet.

11. Consider the number of steps in the transformation process when determining the length of the offer, whether it's a coaching package or a program.

12. Use the transformation process to create compelling marketing messages and content.

13. Emphasize the importance of thinking about the bigger goal and laying groundwork for clients to achieve it, leading to higher renewal rates and referrals.

14. Reflect on personal experiences or past clients to identify the steps needed for the transformation process.

15. Think about short-term and long-term strategies for business success and understand when to use each strategy.

16. Explore the concept of selecting a short-term strategy versus a long-term strategy based on the stage of the business (particularly applicable in the first three to four years).

This provides a roadmap for creating effective offers, understanding the transformation process, and developing strategies for business growth.


Introduction to Creating Transformation with Your Offer (00:00) 

Explanation of the importance of creating transformation (00:06) Definition of an offer as a vehicle for taking clients from one place to another

The Three Parts of an Offer

(00:40) Overview of the three parts of an offer

(01:03) The first part: Identifying the type of offer (e.g., group offer)

(01:06) The second part: Transformation as the problem and the solution

(01:30) The third part: Ensuring a positive client experience

The Five Steps of Transformation

(02:32) Introduction to the five-step approach to transformation

(03:29) Step 1: Conveying the problem in the client's words

(04:45) Step 2: Educating the client about their problem

(08:02) Step 3: Defining the solution as a process

(09:06) Step 4: Developing the steps to move towards the solution

(11:18) Step 5: Determining the desired result and expanding beyond it

Applying the Transformation Process (17:20) Importance of going through the outlined process


Transformation is the most important and challenging part of creating an offer
There are three parts of an offer: problem, educating on the problem, and solution
The transformation process consists of five steps: problem in their words, educating on the problem, solution, result in their words, and expansion
It is crucial to convey the problem in the customer's own words to ensure they recognize it
Educating the customer about their problem helps them understand it more fully
The solution is the process of solving the problem, typically consisting of three to five steps
The result is the desired outcome expressed in the customer's words
Expansion refers to setting the customer up to achieve their bigger goals beyond the initial result
Renewal and referrals are important factors for excellence and success in the expert's business
Next week's episode will focus on strategy, including short-term vs long-term strategies in business.

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 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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