A Million Dollar Misunderstanding and Other Outrageous Business Tips – An Interview with Sage Polaris 

 January 6, 2021

By  Jasmine Ivy

My guest for episode 12 of the Women of Woo Show is Sage Polaris. Sage, formerly Sarah Grear, is a copywriter extraordinaire who helps businesses sell more of what they offer through the power of words on their websites. 

Learn the story behind Sage’s name change as she shares her thoughts around defining her identity with regards to her creativity. 

(Pay attention or you’ll miss a little known fact about how my name is not what it seems!)

Sage gets vulnerable and reveals how she struggled to replicate the wins she easily achieved for clients in her own business. It was from this frustration her new identity was conceived. A ‘rebirth’ of sorts that allowed her to feel seen in an entirely different fashion. 

Listen as we chat about business as creative art (and why hiding behind old paradigms isn’t the answer), how a misunderstanding once resulted in 1.25 million dollars in sales, and the power of personal relationships over big! numbers!  

I adore Sage because she’s an amazing example of balance between masculine and feminine energies. She brings this perspective to episode 12 and reminds us all we can define ourselves as WOO and still pay close attention to the hard data behind our ventures. These two combined how spiritual entrepreneurs uplift themselves in business.

Check out Sage’s Free for Women of Woo listeners:

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Also check out her website Here.

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