Accessing SoulFULL Success with Visa Shanmugam 

 January 6, 2021

By  Jasmine Ivy

In this episode my guest is Change Catalyst Coach Visa Shanmugam. Visa helps high-achieving women create SoulFULL Success without losing themselves in the process. 

Visa is a two time participant in my Women of Woo mastermind.

In todays episode Visa:

  • Explains what it is to be a Change Catalyst Coach
  • Tells why being just a spark in someone’s journey may be enough.
  • Talks about EGO, EGO, EGO. How it tries to interfere with our purpose.
  • Offers helpful tips to coaches who may be struggling with confidence.
  • Provides a good practice for managing the inner turmoil that could arise while pursuing your purpose.

Visa and I chat about the universal struggle around “no achievement is ever enough.” (Pay attention as she teaches me a new way of referring to this ideal!) 

She reveals her heart/head struggle which arose when she committed to pursuing her dreams and the accompanying realization that she has never fully been ‘seen.’

I got SOOO much from this conversation. I hope you enjoy!

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