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Last updated on September 26, 2023

Congrats, you've got the client, but now they're expecting a result. Here's how to help ensure that your clients get results.

In this episode Jasmine discusses how to get results for clients in the coaching and service industry. She emphasizes that clients have specific expectations and it's important to meet them. She addresses the common fears and challenges associated with achieving client results, such as feeling like a fraud or fearing disappointment.

To overcome these obstacles, She talks about defining a specific result for a specific client or creating a tested process for a defined group of people. Jasmine highlights the importance of clear messaging and offer tips on how to break down the steps needed to achieve the desired result. Lastly, Jasmine stresses the need to speak directly to your target audience in marketing efforts.

Jasmine reminds us to be specific in your process and marketing. Use language that targets a specific audience to make your marketing more effective. Only allow people into your program who you know can achieve the desired results.

It's important to believe in your clients' ability to succeed and make a list of reasons why they can achieve their goals. The work of achieving excellence is done outside client calls, through personal reflection and refinement. 

About the author 
 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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