Getting into a “Chillpreneur” Mindset (with Denise Duffield-Thomas) 

 November 9, 2020

By  Jasmine Ivy

In episode 2 of the Women of Woo Show I interview one of my fav people, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset mentor known for her books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch,” joins the show to chat about her brand new bookChillpreneur”, which shares invaluable business advice and counterintuitive millionaire mindset lessons propelling us down the path of abundance, no blood, sweat, or tears necessary.  

More than that, Duffield-Thomas shows up as the down to earth, no-filter human we’ve come to expect from her books. 

We share a story (and laugh) about how the universe seemingly conspired against this interview ever happening. We talk about being women spiritual entrepreneurs who aspire to work in the most effortless way possible, and share insights around whether or not it’s possible to live in a constant state of alignment. 

Come join us get into a “chillpreneur” mindset and find out more about/purchase Denise’s book, Chillpreneur: chillpreneur.com

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