Getting Spiritually Intimate with Blair Dreessen 

 January 3, 2021

By  Jasmine Ivy

In this episode we meet Blair Dreessen. Blair is a life, business, and energy coach and the co-founder of Spiritually Intimate a company that creates high-vibrational products to help women design lives that feel good. Her company’s tagline, Women who feel good – do good, permeates all that Blair does. 

In this episode Blair brings me on her journey from exhausted stay-at-home mom to spiritual entrepreneur success story. 

She shares her struggle with feelings of failure and how she overcame them to produce her breakdown/breakthrough moment. 

Listen as she explains her goal of being a “pattern disruptor” for women, the surprising discovery she and a friend had the SAME business idea at the same time, and her belief women should be less logical and more intuitive when it comes to birthing entrepreneurial ideas. 

Blair’s story is a serious one involving a climb out of depression, and her success is  a reminder our greatest ideas can be found in the most unlikely of scenarios: a dinner date with herself and a fave crystal tumbling out of her bra. 

Blair reminds us that problems can become epiphanies when we are ready to receive and of the unflagging power of collaboration between women.

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