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Last updated on October 9, 2023

In today's episode, I'll take you on a personal journey where I faced tough decisions in my business. It all started with a commitment to speak at the "Make Your Mark" conference in Dallas, a fantastic opportunity. However, as the months passed, I found myself falling behind in non-essential tasks, overwhelmed by work-related travel and family commitments.

By July, I was physically drained, experiencing something new: physical burnout. This was different from the emotional burnout I'd encountered before. I realized I needed to prioritize my health. I made changes like reevaluating my client support approach and rescheduling launches.

I also had to confront my fears and unproductive thoughts. I shifted from "Red Flag" thoughts, which hinder progress, to "Green Flag" thoughts, which empower action. These included:

  1. My business success doesn't require sacrificing my health.
  2. I'm human, and perfection isn't necessary.
  3. My success depends on me, not just the strategy.
  4. I can handle the consequences of my choices.
  5. My business transcends one season of my life.

Ultimately, I decided to withdraw from the conference, despite my initial concerns about relationships and opportunities. It turned out to be the right choice. My health improved, I established better workflows, and my business gained predictability. Our Q3 Mastermind launch was challenging, but I faced the consequences confidently.

Through this journey, I've become a more resilient and focused coach. I've learned that no matter the circumstances, you can find a way to create success. Your results are inevitable if you believe in them.

If you're ready to create a simple, focused business that generates clients and income consistently, even during challenging seasons, book a free consultation with us. You'll find the link in the show notes.

Catch you next time! #WomenOfWooShow #BusinessSuccess #Resilience

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 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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