Hustle v. Flow: What’s the Difference?

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Last updated on September 26, 2023


Introduction to the Difference Between Hustle and Flow00:00 - 00:05: 

Jasmine Ivy welcomes the audience to the Women of Woo show and introduces the topic of discussion. 

Defining Hustle and Flow 00:05 - 01:42: 

Jasmine explains her approach to defining hustle and flow, including researching the definitions and interpretations from various sources such as Google and the internet.

Interpretation of Hustle 01:44 - 02:20: 

Jasmine shares her personal interpretation of the word hustle, which involves identifying one's primary aim in business or life and taking relentless action towards those desires.

Interpretation of Flow 03:01 - 03:47: 

Jasmine discusses her interpretation of flow, which she associates with going along in the business journey with little resistance and taking action in a steady continuous stream. 

Definitions of Flow 03:50 - 05:45: 

Jasmine explores different definitions of flow found on the internet, highlighting three that stood out to her, including the idea of moving along in a steady continuous stream. 

Comparing Hustle and Flow 05:45 - 06:11: 

Jasmine points out the similarities between hustle and flow, as both involve taking action and moving forward.

Choosing Flow without Changing Actions 06:11 - 11:33: 

Jasmine discusses the concept of choosing flow without altering actions, emphasizing the importance of managing one's energy, mindset, and emotional experience. 

Strategies for Achieving Flow 11:33 - 20:10: 

Jasmine shares a list of strategies she personally focuses on to stay in flow, including listening to trainings, podcasts, managing energy through movement, and having designated quiet time.

Taking Responsibility for Flow20:43 - 21:45:  

Jasmine encourages listeners to take responsibility for their own flow state and emphasizes the effectiveness of coaching in supporting actions and creating from a flow mentality. 

The Women of Woo Mastermind Program 21:45 - 24:14: 

Jasmine briefly introduces the Women of Woo Mastermind program and how it addresses the strategy, offer, and belief system to help entrepreneurs achieve flow and grow their businesses. Learn More Here

About the author 
 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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