The Value of Adopting Uncommon Beliefs

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Last updated on September 26, 2023

1. Follow-up: Consider leveraging intuition in business - The speaker, Jasmine Ivey, emphasizes the importance of leveraging intuition in order to unlock success and fulfillment in business. This concept can be further explored and researched to understand how intuition can be effectively integrated into business strategies.

2. Follow-up: Explore the role of beliefs in business success - Jasmine Ivey discusses the relationship between beliefs and actions in business. It would be valuable to delve deeper into this topic and understand how one's beliefs can impact business outcomes and how to adopt uncommon beliefs for success.

3. Action item: Identify common beliefs - Jasmine Ivey suggests identifying common beliefs in the business or entrepreneurial world. This can be done by reflecting on personal experiences, conversations with colleagues, or industry trends. Writing down common beliefs can help gain awareness of the prevailing mindset and identify areas where uncommon beliefs can be adopted.

4. Action item: Identify uncommon beliefs - Jasmine Ivey provides examples of uncommon beliefs that can lead to success in business. It would be beneficial to create a personal list of uncommon beliefs that resonate with individual goals and aspirations. These beliefs can serve as a foundation for building a mindset that supports success.

5. Action item: Practice the belief that success is inevitable - The speaker emphasizes the power of the belief that success is inevitable. It is recommended to adopt this belief and practice it consistently, as it can help overcome obstacles and maintain focus and motivation on the path to achieving business goals.

6. Follow-up: Explore intuition development practices - The speaker mentions various practices such as meditation, journaling, and sound baths that can support the development of intuition. It would be useful to research and experiment with different practices to find ones that resonate and enhance intuition.

7. Action item: Consider joining the Women of Wu Mastermind - Jasmine Ivey mentions the Women of Wu Mastermind as a resource for developing intuition and building a successful business. It is suggested to explore this opportunity further by checking the show notes, clicking the provided link, and booking a call to learn more about the program.

* Book a free consultation - Jasmine offers free consultations to discuss business goals and determine the steps needed to achieve them intuitively. Interested individuals can find the link to book a free call in the show notes and take action by scheduling a consultation to gain personalized insights and guidance.


Your Business Reflects Who You Believe You Are-Timestamp: 01:16-02:08
The success of your business is a reflection of your self-belief. Jasmine encourages listeners to understand the connection between their beliefs and the results they are seeing.

Shifting from Endurance Test to Art Form-Timestamp: 02:56-05:43
Changing your mindset from viewing your business as an endurance test to an art form can transform your actions and outcomes. Jasmine emphasizes the importance of believing in the value and impact of your offers.

Stepping Outside of Common Beliefs-Timestamp: 08:03-11:55
Identify common beliefs within your industry or network that may limit your growth. Jasmine suggests challenging these beliefs and creating a list of beliefs that align with your desired future.

Expanding Your Beliefs-Timestamp: 12:00-17:57
Summary: Jasmine provides examples of empowering beliefs that can expand possibilities and open up new opportunities. She highlights the importance of adopting beliefs that align with the future version of oneself.

Overcoming Unrealistic Expectations-Timestamp: 18:39-20:28
Summary: Jasmine talks about the unrealistic expectations that entrepreneurs often place on themselves and their businesses. She encourages listeners to reframe their expectations and recognize that success takes time and effort.

Embracing Intuition in Business-Timestamp: 20:26-22:40
Summary: Jasmine emphasizes the role of intuition in business and personal growth. She discusses the importance of using tools and practices, such as meditation and personal development, to tap into intuition and become the person needed to fulfill their business goals.

The Women of Wu Mastermind-Timestamp: 24:23-25:44
Summary: Jasmine introduces the Women of Woo Mastermind as a recommended tool for developing intuition and building a successful business. She invites listeners to learn more about the mastermind and its benefits.


Intuition is the missing key to success in business.
Uncommon beliefs are required for business success.
Instead of using actions to prove you can achieve something, assume the achievement and take actions from that belief.
Common beliefs of most people may not align with where you want to go.
Common beliefs tend to box you in and limit your options.
Intuition is foundational to business and personal development.
Various practices, such as meditation, breath work, journaling, and sound baths, can help remove unhelpful thoughts and heal traumas.
Developing intuition helps build a simple, focused, money-generating business.
Trusting yourself and taking actions from a place of self-trust and trust in something greater are important.

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 Jasmine Ivy

I’m Jasmine Ivy.

I’m a spiritual teacher and the founder of Women of Woo. I’m passionate about helping women awaken to their callings and step into leadership within their industries. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who want to lead and build their missions with a more spiritually-aligned business strategy -- and that’s my specialty.

Jasmine Ivy

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